Nyumbani. A fictional Land based on this world's Africa.

Nyumbani - The Main continent of the world of Imaro.


Nyumbani is a continent that is based on the real world's Africa.The lands of Nyumbani are based on current and former countries and kingdoms of teh real world.For exampleKingdom of Cush ,Kingdom of Axum,Great Zimbabweetc.

To the West of Nyumbani lies the Island of Atlan. Atlan is home to the Atlanteans, a white skinned race of people nicknamed "Mizungus" by the races of Nyumbani.

To the east lies the eastern continent which would be comparitive to Asia. This continent is home to the Bahindya and the Hsing nu peoples.

Major Cities and Regions

Tamburure Plains

A vast golden grassland Savannah. The Tamburure is home to different tribes of people such as the Turkhana,Zamburu and the Ilyassai.


A large and dense Rain forest located to the North east of the Tamburure. The Kajua is home to the Mutumwe tribe and well as others. These people dwell along the Damba Bolong River.

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